HELSE MILJØ SIKKERHET (Health and safety) put simply: 

-Common sence
-Euro 6

Notice that drivers/operators with foreign machine/crane sertificates has to apply "Arbeidstilsynet" to use their certificate(s) in Norway:
PS! The same goes for me (and others with Norwegian crane/machine sertificates) when doing more work than just unloading your own vehicle in foreign countries (grey area). You have to apply to "arbeidstilsynet" equivalent in the respective country you're gonna do work in to use your machine/crane sertificate(s).
Unfortunately this is a very little known fact.

Also, be aware of your responsibilities as a transport-service buyer when it comes to driving in Norway:

The trucker's guide to Norway (downloadable pdf-guides available in multiple languages):

 Active safety by using common sence in any given situation. And passive safety by maintenance up front rather than after. 

What is common sence when operating a crane? It's constant risk-evaluation with any action. Paying attention, and take the precations nessesary to do risk-involved work.

To trust your gut, own experience, listen to the hirerer/reciever/supplier and never get comfortable and think that safetysystems is your "friend".

If you position your crane truck with tilted pressure on the support leg (outriggers), applied with a soft and uncertain surface, and do heavy lifting: Well, that's the recepie for a "winning ticket" in the accident-lottery.


Why is maintenance HMS? That's because you can prevent injuries and damages by proper maintenance. In addition you'll save yourself and others from wasted time and frustrations.

 Euro 6: 

At current date, there's no commonly known better alternatives to environmentalfriendly operation than the Euro 6 diesel-engine. Width hydrogen the energy-loss is too great in production and operation. When it comes to battery operated vehicles there's not enaugh minerals to electrify everything and the power-network is nowhere near to have the capasity to supply for it. (Remember that the amount of electric power produced at any given moment and the capasity in the the network is two different things. Even if there's capasity to produce enaugh electric power during a complete year is this by no means synonynous that the demand for power can be met all the time. Overly simplified: If the demand/need is 100Kw at a given time, and the capasity in the network is 10Kw, well, then it's easy to understand that this will overload the network.) How does a spare-can of electricity look like? Is there safe HMS to electrify everything? With no failsafe? It's our benefit to have separete/different sources of energy. Especially since a powershortage with everything electrified will be extremely paralyzing for the society. Just think what could happen with a big enough geomagnetic-sunstorm... Even if bio-gas can be a decent transfer-period alternative.... we're still awaiting to see that environmentalfriendly energy source that can be long term, easily available, cheap and be safe to use.

Will the environment become healtier by symbol-/indulgence-politics and subsidized rubbish? Did anyone say parralell-economics?

 Problem solving: 

A solution to a problem will always create one or more problems. The secret is to consider the new problems up against a chosen/given solution. To figure what's the most appropriate to achive the results wished for.

The bio-diesel created hunger when introduced. Electric vehicles and increased electrification creates a raise in electric-power prices. With the following differences that does (=creates powerty). Salted roads in the winter erodes the tarmac and tires. And makes deep curvatures in the tarmac where most vehicles passes through. So, to prevent accidents in the winter, new dangers arise to nature, animal life and humans. It lowers the lifespan of vehicles and its components due to corrotion. In addition to it increasing the use of wiperfluid in the winter (isopropanol).

Is it proper problem solving to solve one problem by moving the same/equal (possibly more) problem(s) to a different location? Preferably somewhere no one can "see it"? Problems is better solved by dialogue/concultation and responsible actions rather than riding the high horse into the sunset till it's only dust and mold left of it?